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“The most risk-taking show on the fringe. Sulayman Al Bassam seems capable of taking on any theatrical convention, anytime, anywhere. Watch out for the name
The Stage, UK, August 1996

“Poetic, intensely physical, marvelously inventive
The Scotsman, UK, August 1996

Everyman (Dreaming in Car Parks)

Inspired by the medieval morality play Everyman, the piece explored the relocation of the death value in a hyper-mediatised state of awareness. Presented as a heady interactive video game in promenade performance across three levels of multi-storey car parks in London and Edinburgh.

Directed by Sulayman Al-Bassam
Scenographer: Virginie Gervaise
Composer: Julian Woodward
Performers: Nigel Barrett, Neil Cook, Neil Edmond, Maret Lyngra, Laura Sheppard
Videographer: Angelo Cirimele
Assistant Director: Isabel Robson
Stage Manager: Juliette Rudent-Gili
Assistant Stage Manager: Angela McKenzie
Maquier: Sorade Grau
A Zaoum Theatre production

Production History
Opened at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 1996 and toured to Scenofest ’96, London.