The 60 Watt Macbeth

A hybrid piece that lies mid-way between narrative and abstraction, live performance art and theatre.

The characters of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, having forgotten most of the play, continue to exist in its highly distorted and endlessly repeating ruins. The central character, Macbeth, claims to be lost inside a city and attempts to map the ruined remains in order to escape them.  Amongst the sleepwalkers, men carrying heads, marching soldiers and wailing women, there lies a small yet potent love story. Its tragic conclusion seeks a definition of spiritual rebirth.

Directed by Sulayman Al Bassam
Performers: Nigel Barrett, Lucy Benson, Darren Charlton, Jez Eden, Eva Prentice
A Zaoum Theatre production

Production History
Presented in Shunt Arches, London in 1999