The Game Show

A fast-moving and darkly satirical Game Show performed in an industrial warehouse.

In the Middle Ages, death was presented by the Church as the ultimate test of a virtuous life; a test that, if passed, could open the gates of Paradise.Today, in a society of spectacle and leisure, Paradise is no longer an otherworldly utopia, but a firmly terrestrial one, present in the here and now and accessible via real time technologies, lottery bonanzas and prize holidays.If ‘Paradise can be yours – Now!’, what is the risk being run? In all this positivity where, if anywhere, lies the accursed share?

The Game Show is a synthesis of all modern day utopias; if the contestant wins, what will he lose? What will it cost to enter Paradise on Earth?A definitive formulation of the nature of death in a society of leisure: A televised game show, where the contestant wins the car he died in.

Directed by Sulayman Al-Bassam
Designed by Virginie Gervaise
A Zaoum Theatre production
Commissioned by the National Theatre of Dijon, France