The Border Cycle–– contemporary landscapes where moral, physical and political transgression are explored.

2018––19 Kuwiat, New York
The Petrol Station

2012––16 Kuwait, Tunis, Beirut, Sydney, Paris

In the Eruptive Mode
The Icarus Cycle–– under the
hot, shadowless sun of ancient texts, an ongoing exploration of justice, power and female apotheosis.

2020 Kuwiat, Cairo, Naples

2015 Kuwait, Munich


The Arab Shakespeare Trilogy–– power, religion, and sovereignty in the contemporary Arab world are the themes of this internationally celebrated triology.

2001––05 Tunisia, Elsinore, Singapore, Tokyo, Bath, London, Seoul, Kuwait
The Al Hamlet Summit

2007––09 Washington DC, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, New York, Kuwait, Damascus, Paris, Amsterdam, Stratford-upon-Avon, Athens
Richard III–– an Arab Tragedy 

2011––12 Kuwait, Tunis, Cairo, Amsterdam, Beirut, New York, Boston
The Speaker’s Progress
Other works––

2013 Paris, Marseille
Ritual for a Metamorphosis

2010 Beirut
Hayyal Bu Tair

2005––06 Kuwait, Bahrain, Kyoto,
Tokyo, Sharjah, London, Oxford

A Mirror for Princes (Khalila
wa Dimna)

2003 Kuwait, Cairo
Melting the Ice

2003––04 Kuwait

1999 London
60 Watt Macbeth 

1997 Dijon
The Game Show

1996 Edinburgh, London
Everyman (or Dreaming
in Car Parks)