The Petrol Station 
Running time, 95 minutes

A remote petrol station lying fallow on the periphery of an unnamed country in the Arabian Gulf sets the scene for a story in which a pair of half-brothers vie for the loyalty and favors of an aging, blind father.

Across the border, the neighboring country is writhing in the grips of a vicious civil war. When it becomes apparent that fuel from the station is being siphoned off to illegally supply militias across the border, the father orders the recovery of a missing station meter in an attempt to bring order back to an increasingly tense familial squabble. The arrival at the station of a female refugee and her injured rebel brother soon ignites the percolating differences between the brothers–– unearthing the tragic way in which the secrets, crimes and broken promises of one generation can make violent claims on the lives of the next.

Drawing inspiration from Sumerian myth, Palestinian refugee literature; American 1950’s urban legends of the Gas Station, Petrol Station portrays a modern dystopia where defunct ideologies, desperate migrants, zealous warlords and opportunistic traffickers vie for supremacy, tabloid-value-legitimacy and the unattainable body of a woman.

This production marks the first time that Al Bassam  has worked with a cast of actors who all identify as American: an experiment in allegory, further exploring the trans-cultural appropriation and questions of identity politic. 

Duration: 95 minutes, no intermission
Performed in English