Running time, 90 minutes

This piece was inspired by the Sumerian text, The Lamentation for the Destruction of Ur. This artifact can be seen at the Louvre Museum in Paris. The text is inscribed on a rectangular clay tablet. In echo of this tablet, I suggest performing the play with the audience seated in traverse on two sides of a raised, rectangular performance platform.

The text has been written in English for bi-lingual performance in Arabic and German. The play can be performed in any language/s. Nevertheless, it must be understood that the German characters in the 1903 scenes speak a different language from the locals. This is crucial for the understanding of the colonial critique – and satire – presented in Act Three, scenes one and three. The scenes from Ur, set in 2004 B.C. are a reflection on the events of the Syrian civil war (2011-2015).

Co-Produced by Residenztheater, Munich; The Arab Fund for Arts & Culture; SABAB Theatre.

Running time: 90 minutes without interval
Performed in Arabic and German (with surtitles)