May 5th, 2015

  • UR: The outcomes of the Research and Development work on Al Bassam’s new play, were presented on April 26th, 2015 at Dar al Athar al Islammiyah in Kuwait. See Index of Works for more information.

UR: New play reading, Bibliotheque Nationale de France (BNF), Paris, 26th of September, 2015. Commissioned by Le Festival des Ecrivains du Monde, a literary festival presented by Colombia University and the BNF , UR  a new play by Sulayman Al Bassam inspired by the Sumerian Lamentation for the Destruction of the City of UR.


Petrol Station: Sulayman will be Artist in Residence at Gallatin School of Individualised Study, New York University, in Autumn 2015, the outcomes of this residency will be a semi staged reading of his new play, Petrol Station, performed by Equity based New York actors on Monday 16th of November, 2015 at the Jerry H. Labowitz Theatre for the Performing Arts.